All about us and how it began


Our birth

BeriPod was born purely out of passion over a couple of fort-nights with the idea of expanding
from coaching to help visionaries who seemed to be lost in the social media world and needed more hands on social media help.

We are a Social Media Marketing Studio based in Manchester, UK,
that works hard to change hearts, minds and habits.

We believe social media has the power to do more than just exist as a social presence!
It holds the thrust to hike people’s engagement and a spike in sales.
We aggressively believe in doing what we do with love.
So here we are, with an idea in mind, a laptop to work in our virtual office
and coffee to keep our spirits high!

Our amazing team

We’re a team of wild-hearted spirits that empower to bring unique perspectives
and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so.

We support trend-setters & change-makers like you!
We help you reach your idea’s full potential by providing bold creative ideas,
storytelling and a fresh perspective to marketing;

At BeriPod, we help amplify your impact.

Founder (Social Media Strategist) : Ishan Beri

A crazy animal lover with two dogs & two guinea pigs and wishes to have more.

“People over profits, always!”

An unshakable dreamer and a wild-hearted woman. She loves hanging out on Instagram stories and educates people about using social for businesses. She empowers women to pursue entrepreneurship and guides them to their goals.

“Life’s gonna happen, never back down” 

An amazing writer and a strong-minded woman with a big heart. Writing makes her feel at peace and gives a sense of power. She is eager to learn but not afraid to put her opinion on the table.

Content Writer : Manvi Jain

Free-spirited with a love for the colour purple and mama to a princess.  

Why we built BeriPod

Social Media can be tricky to get your hands on, but that’s just initial. How to make that simple? Throw that worry on us! Thanks to the 21st century, we now live in a social world where anything is as simple as clicking a button. Who are we, you ask? We make that button for you!

Your digital presence is your first business or personal impression of ‘who you really are, what you do and what you offer’. Just like how you’ve come this far to be reading about who we are, how we began and what do we have in store for you!

Social Media is an ultimate reflection of your business. With all the transparency
that is demanded from you and us, as entrepreneurs, we work on how to brag your product/service to viable customers. We believe in building strong relationships with your audience to keep them coming back for more and more.

So if you’re all game, we’ve got you covered!

Throw away your worries as we get on board to convert your followers into paying customers!